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SonPlacing – A Handbook for Warriors
is exactly as the title says it is…

– a practical and spiritual handbook for anyone serious about engaging in spiritual battle with the only real and immediate enemy that exists in the universe; our carnal mind! This deeply profound, thought-provoking, theology-shaking and heart-changing writing will leave any true disciple of Jesus Christ, and begotten son of God, crying out to their Father to complete the work of total transformation.

Every chapter is a solid message in itself, building on the fundamental, foundational fact that God is absolutely sovereign and is doing ALL things according to the counsel of HIS Own will, not only in the lives of those whom He has begotten by His Spirit, in the pattern of the FIRST begotten Son, but in EVERY one of His children, as well as in EVERY circumstance that involves them. Your limited vision of who and what Almighty God really IS, as well as His eternal purpose, will be gloriously expanded to encompass the farthest reaches of your imaginings and light years beyond.

Prepare to have your current Christian and “church” paradigm challenged, if not dismantled, in the light of His eternal Truth. Unfortunately, most professing Christians vigorously hang on to their theological comfort zone, run from any message that rocks their doctrinal boat or they debate and defend their denominational creed to the (their own spiritual) death. If you tend toward being an intellectual, cerebral Christian that has become settled in the spiritual lowlands, refusing to climb to the heights with The Captain of your soul in pursuit of the high calling, then this flesh-defying book will likely remain on the shelf. But if God is breathing on your heart and is causing you to blow the dust off many deeper-life writings, you’ll not be disappointed in Sonplacing by Garrison Russell.

You will find every paragraph loaded with profound, deeply spiritual insights that are Holy Spirit inspired and meticulously articulated making it anything but a quick read. So be prepared to let go of your carnal reasoning mind, set aside your religious dogma and humbly open your heart to a fresh, glorious revelation of Jesus Christ being formed IN YOU!

Tim E. Moores

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