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Xulon Publishing offers a fresh perspective on Christian thought and purpose. It does not enter into the existing debates over Christian dogma. Rather, it takes an entirely new approach to Christianity, which flows from a new perspective.

You are in invited to Explore the site in pursuit of truth and resources that will bless, challenge and encourage you to be the spiritual warrior and Son you are called to be…. to take up the Sword and do victorious battle with the enemies of your soul, to apprehend the high calling in Christ Jesus!

The Death of Jesus

Garrison Russell, author of the SonPlacing book, explains how Jesus sets the pattern for all God’s children to become sons of God, not just positionally but experientially in order to set creation free. The Death of Jesus – PART 1 (42 minutes) The Death of Jesus – PART 2 (42 minutes)

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Vision – Cost

In this video presentation Garrison Russell expounds on how essential it is for God’s Sons to have a divine vision and be willing to embrace the cost to see that vision fulfilled in their lives. Seven Churches PART 1 (32 minutes) Seven Churches PART 2 (33 minutes)

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Seven Churches

In bringing His sons to perfection God has called each one of us to a process of transformation. The process of our spiritual growth and maturity as sons, from the planting of the seed to the full harvest, is depicted many ways in nature, the heavens and throughout the scriptures. It is most evident and vivid in the earthly life and resurrection of Jesus Christ, our elder brother and forerunner. In this video presentation called THE SEVEN CHURCHES Garrison Russell looks at this process from the standpoint of the messages to the seven churches in Asia found in the Book of Revelation, in the constellation Pleiades as well as in the intricate design of the passages and structure within the great pyramids of Egypt. Seven Churches PART 1 (32 minutes) Seven Churches PART 2 (33 minutes)

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