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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


November 18, 2002


          Those who seek my face shall find it and those who seek my voice shall hear it for I am not afar off but within thee.  Strive to be in my presence that we may be one even as the Father and I are one for I shall give thee all things even as I have been given all things.  If ye seek me first then all else shall follow.  Seek my word as a miner seeks gold for my word is far above gold.  If ye seek me and my word then will I reveal unto thee the truths that ye seek.  I will speak with thee and open my word unto thee and ye shall be filled. There is nought that the world can give thee for the world is full of men and men have their own answers and his own ways all of which lead to destruction.  But my way is life, yea, even eternal life and when ye seek eternal life ye seek me.


Come let us rejoice together because the time is short. The rumbling can be heard in the hills and the mountains begin to smoke for the WORD of the Lord is heard in the heavens and there is none to prevent it.  Mankind has left his first love and sought after his own ways. The world can no longer continue in the wretched ways of man, for he seeks only power and money to subdue his fellow man.  He has turned his back on his maker and in his heart has said, “ there is no God.”  Oh man, what have ye done?  What will be the out come of your selfishness?  “THE DAY OF THE LORD!”  That is what is upon thee for ye have rejected the corner stone and now your house shall fall.



 Weep and wail for the day cometh when no man can stand and only my children who love me shall see that day when the son of man shall come forth in all His glory and receive them unto Himself, saith the Lord.


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