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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


January 15, 2002


Go to now, ye generations of vipers.  Weep and howl for your time is short upon the earth.  But what mighty destruction ye can do in so short a time!  The children of the Living God are made your footstool, and they are as salt that has lost its savor and is trodden upon.


 Stay but a while my precious ones, for your day shall come when ye shall again take up your swords and stand upon the neck of your enemies; for now they rage and ye feel forsaken and many shall fall, for their house was built on sand.  But hold ye to the Rock that was with thee in the wilderness; that faith with which ye came forth out of the bondage of this world.  Be ye steadfast for the days indeed are dark and they shall grow darker yet.  But if ye see with that single eye, then shall your path be lit by the light of the world.


 And while others stumble, ye shall have light to guide them.  Oh my children be strong in my Word for therein is thy meat and drink; therein is thy sustenance.  That is the light that guides thee.  Therein are the riches that I have promised thee for thou shall not want.  I am with thee and I love thee even unto the ends of the world.  Fear not to be separated one from another, for ye are one in me and my Spirit speaketh unto all as unto one.  Rejoice while ye can, for that day cometh when men shall curse God to your face and hate you.  But I am within you and when they curse Me, they curse thee, for we are one.


 Take that authority that I have given thee and speak with boldness the words that I have given thee, and I shall perform My Word, saith the Lord. 


Weep and Howl:  Is. 15:2, Joel 1:5, James 5:1

Necks:  Josh. 10: 24, 2 Sam. 22:41,  2 Kings 17:14

Rock:  1 Cor. 10:4

Single eye:  Matt. 6:22

Light of the World:  John 8:12



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