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SonPlacing The Handbook for warriors

If you desire God’s truth more than your own life, and are willing to challenge all that you know, then take up your sword and fly into Chapter One, “The Sacred Secret.” We pray our Heavenly Father will breathe life into the words. 



Other Xulon Writings

Here are some new and old writings from the Xulon Family. Just click the link.

The Disciples

This is a draft research paper created for a presentation given at Our Place Fellowship during Pentecost 2005. The audio/video portion is available from Our Place, Dan & Ladona Henry.


Where Are The Men?

The degenerating nature of the world as we find it today, and of our own nation in particular, is a direct result of the systematic erosion of the character traits of traditional manhood. So advanced is this decline that it has now brought about the near extinction of the culture and character first found in those Anglo-Saxon Christians who created the civilizations of the world. This surrender of all that is true and strong and Godly in America is recognized by a lack of the manly traits and roles that define Jesus Christ and God his father. The modern-day erosion of manhood is the absence of True Christianity.


Who Are the Jews?

As people learn the truth of British Israel and the Lost Ten Tribes they naturally begin to wonder about the true identity of the modern day Jews. This illustrated paper briefly describes the racial and religious origin of the Jews.


The Steps to Sonship

Sonship is the essence of God's plan, the little known truth of Christianity. This page provides links to a PowerPoint presentation and accompanying Word document that you can use to understand and teach the Sonship message. The understanding of Sonship is presented by dividing it into eight basic steps of understanding. If you will study and learn these eight concepts of Biblical truth they will lead you to an understanding of God's true plan for man and your life in particular.


Xulon Audio Sharing

Sharing the Word in Edmonton, Alberta

Sharing of Dan Henry and Garrison Russell at a home in Edmonton, Alberta, on September 13 - 15, 2002. Most everyone who attended were thoroughly blessed, encouraged and challenged by the word that was shared. This page provides links to the general topics that were touched on during each of the evening and daytime meetings. Be prepared to be seriously challenged.


The Three Types of Christianity

Here are some streaming audio presentations. If you have very fast Internet you can just click the clink and turn up your speakers! Otherwise download the files to your computer and then play them directly from your hard drive.


The Seven Churches

In this video presentation Garrison Russell looks at the maturation process from birth to full Sonship stature from the standpoint of the messages to the seven churches in Asia found in the Book of Revelation, in the constellation Pleiades, as well as in the intricate design of the passages and structure within the great pyramids of Egypt.