Xulon Publishing
Various writings and sharings from Xulon Publishing, including SonPlacing the Handbook for Warriors.


Our Place
Writings, tapes, charts, and the Sonship message of Dan and LaDona Henry. This veritable treasure trove of information will be available soon!


D.K. Henry
Respected, methodological author sharing deep insights into the plan of God. Here we have pictures, stories, and several of his papers.


George Hawtin
A bold incisive writer with a mastery of the English language and a vision of the deep things concerning the Sons of God. The Henry's and Russell's grew up reading his work. Here we have some excerpts from his writings in The Page and Treasures of Truth.


A.P. Adams: "We are God's Workmanship"
A.P. Adams was a pioneer of the Sonship message, inspiring men like George Hawtin. This short essay, written in 1885, perfectly encapsulates the Sonship message. This is a must read for the Christian and scholar!


Pamela Russell
This is a collection of the prophecies of Pamela Russell. Pam has been a servant of the Lord all her life and the Holy Spirit has used her on many occasions to share a prophetic word on ideas and events pertinent to our time.


British Israel - Identity Research Tools
This page contains links to various documents and websites that you can use to research the truth of British Israel.