The Calendar

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January 2007

This is a good time to re-evaluate your lives and priorities ... making absolutely certain that God is first in your life, foremost, and ONLY. If you're pursuing Sonship, there cannot be anything in second place. It must be the only goal of your earthly life. All things are lived out of his wisdom and accrue to your spiritual success.

October 2007

October 26 - November 3. Feast of Tabernacles at The Ark, Our Place Fellowship, near Colville, Washington. Hosted by Dan and LaDona Henry. Contact LaDona at 509-735-4268.

December 2007

December 25. Christmas! One day in the year to think of someone besides yourself! Let's take this day to remind ourselves that the firstborn Son of God was born as a baby boy, that he learned obedience, became the author of our salvation, and was declared to be the Son of God through a suffering, death, and resurrection process. This is a path that you too can follow, if he offers it to you. This SonPlacing process is the message of true Christianity.