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by Pamela Russell



October 17, 2007



Ye know of all things that ye know, ye know that I dwell in thee. Thou knowest that I dwell in thee and that ye are the temple, yea, of the Holy Spirit, that your flesh and your body has become the temple of the Holy Ghost and that Holy Spirit is my Spirit and it is my Fatherís Spirit, for my Father and I are one, even as that Spirit is one with us.  Know ye not that when thou doest the work I doest the work; thou are my right arm upon the earth, yea, my hand to diggeth, my hand to planteth, my hand, yea, thou art my physical hand upon the earth.  And I am the Spirit that worketh in thee, who doeth the work, yea, who moveth the arm, who moveth the hand, who diggeth the hole to planteth the tree.  Yea, thou art my vessels that I have prepared for this time; ye could have been here before, ye could have been here after, but no, I have chosen thee for this time, this day, this purpose.  Oh, know ye not that as long as thou art faithful unto me I am faithful unto thee and when thou walketh in my path then surely I dwell in thee and I walk in thee, yea, and I direct thy path.  When ye can forget yourself long enough to let me work then you will see more and more, and more and more of the might and power of that Spirit within thee for that power that was in me is the same power that is within thee, for I have given thee of myself and I am using thee, yea, even as ye are using me. We are one, I have said unto thee, are we not one?  Yea, thou and I, even as my Father and I, yea, are one, are we not one?  Let me work within thee that we CAN accomplish all that ye would have me to do for thee, with thee and in thee and let yourselves grow into that place where these things are no longer an amazement to thee, or a surprise to thee, nor a hope within thee, but a fact because they are true; that truth is that it is, even as I AM, that is that power is, it is within thee and ye must be able to relax and let that power come forth and not let it be thee, but let it be me, saith the Lord.


For indeed that time cometh, yea, and is closer; yea, the time cometh and even now is that ye shall be required to do many things for many people and I can not have thee hesitate and I can not have thee fear that ye are not able or that ye are not worthy or that ye have not the ability for I say unto thee that it is not thee that doeth the work but it is I, yea, I that doeth the work within thee and I say unto thee that that time cometh closer and closer for surely the winds that the angels have loosed, yea, they do blow upon the world, yea, not just in little places but in the world; there is not a place that will be left untouched but I say unto thee that those that are called by my name who follow in my footsteps, who walk in my path they are there in each of these places, and they are there to help, to heal, to guide, to lead.  Know that these people that I have called, that have heard my name, that have heard my voice, yea, even my sheep they are everywhere, and they shall perform great accomplishments and indeed the world shall wonder, though they shall not know that these things are happening until very close to the very end because there is so much to be done and so many things that will happen upon the earth and I say unto thee, that ye be prepared not just spiritually, but physically also, that ye may climb that mountain that must be climbed, that ye may stand upon the path that ye must walk, now that ye must have your sword, unsheathed, and held high, oh, because it is your life that is in that sword for it is the word of God that is in that sword and if it is sheathed it can not be seen or heard; I say unto thee, unleash thy sword and brandish it high for that is what will call them to you, that is what will bring them to you is the word, yea, the living word that flows in thy innermost being even as a living stream for it is the water of life, yea, the word of God is the water of life and it must come forth from thee that ye can help the hordes that come, the hordes that are in pain, suffering, those who have not heard, those who have heard and doubted, those who have heard and believed not, all of them ye shall hear if ye can speak them, that must be sharpened, thy sword must be sharpened; therefore, ye must be into my word and ye must learn my word and ye must hear my word and drink my word, for that is all that ye will be able to speak in that day, saith the Lord.


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