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by Pamela Russell


October 3, 2007



Inch by inch, foot by foot, yard by yard, mile by mile, oh they come, they come, slowly at first, slowly at first and then progressively, progressively closer and closer, even as you can see in the distance the storm clouds they gather upon the hills and they darken and the lightning shines and sparks through them and the thunder rolls and rattles the windows and you can hear and you can see the might and the power of the Almighty the Most High, yea upon the mountains and you can see but even so when I say unto thee that there are the dark mountains and there are the dark clouds and there are the dark days those are the days of war, my children.  Yes, days of war. And they are building, they are building more and more and faster and faster, inch by inch, foot by foot, yard by yard, mile by mile. Yes they are building in all of the nations of the earth, they are building little wars, big wars, heavy wars, silent wars, all being fought even in homes there are wars being fought, yea, of father against son, son against father, brother against sister, sister against parents, mother and daughter and in-laws and coveted things all being turned and tossed and torn; it is a time when the enemy comes forth roaring upon the earth to seek whom he can devour, and he seeks it in the hearts of my children for the others he already has; he does not need to go after the bad ones, he needs to go after my children and that is what he is doing; he is going into the hearts of the mothers to rend their children lifeless, he is going into the hearts of the fathers to rend the children lifeless he has gone into the hearts of the husbands to rend the wives, and he has gone into the hearts of the wives to rend the husbands, for people today are killing one another, yea, they are taking the life that I have given man and they are strewing it under their feet and marching across the world in great death marches. Not only is war killing no, but men and women are killing one another and their offspring, not only before they are born but after they are born when they are little and cry out for their mother and their father they are being killed. Oh, what a horrible time it is for you, my sweet ones.  Yea, that you look unto me and cry out “peace, peace Father God gives us peace”.


Bless your people, bless your people; but how can I bless them when their hearts are far from me.  They can not speak my name except to curse one another; they can not come to me except to cry out in anger and cursing; they curse God as though I am to blame for their life. I gave them life that they may have it more abundantly, that they may have all the good things that there are in the world, even as I gave unto Adam a world that grew fruit on the trees and all the fresh things they needed were grown right before them, yes, perfectly; the ground was fallow and they were able to dig and get roots and have wonderful meals that I set before them; their food was abundant yes, and they no longer had to search for food but then they had to, yea, I say unto thee, then came the evil one who broke into all that they had and from then on ye had to scratch the very ground to bring forth the food to feed them; it no longer grew of its own accord, it had to be planted, and nurtured, and dunged about, and harvested, and cooked, and manufactured; all those things ye have had to do all because of sin; and then, did I not send my son unto thee, yea, did I not bring forth that seed of life that made all creation, did I not bring that seed to life, yea, into the heart and belly of a woman and have her bring forth that which was called Son of Man, yea, to bring forth life and to cure the curse that was upon mankind even the curse of childbirth; and yet man does not believe and because he does not believe he has no reward of those things that I have given him freely: I have given him redemption, I have given him sanctification, I have spared him and I have spared her from pain of childbearing and yet all women today are still in pain in childbearing; why are they, do they not believe that I have taken that curse?  I say unto thee all the things that are upon the earth today where swallowed up in victory with my Son upon the cross; all of that was swallowed in victory and there is no need, but still ye would not believe, ye would not believe and because ye believe not, all things are as they were even before; how sad that is, how horribly sad that is, that those things are as they were for that is not the way it should be and ye have done that yourselves, ye have done that yourselves. I have given thee life and ye have chosen death; I have given thee happiness and ye have chose pain; I have given ye light and ye have looked into darkness. I say unto thee, stand tall, stand tall, raise yourselves from the mire and look unto the heavenlies and fall upon your knees, yea, and entreat me, for I am there and I love thee, and I would have thee come unto me even as ye would and let bless you as I would like to bless you.  Oh, children, children of the Living God, know ye not that I am thy Father and thy Mother and thy sustenance and thy life, yea, I am that life-giving seed that dwells within thee that is eternal and that ye shall see it is eternal, for I have said unto thee he who believeth in me shall not die; believeth thou this and yet man does not believe for he insists upon death and he takes death to his bosom instead of life when I have given thee life, happiness and joy. I say unto thee blessed are thee this night, for thou hast come unto me and I indeed shall come unto thee and bless thee and I shall hold thee up as thou are holding one another and I shall keep thee from all harm; this is not idle talk that I give unto thee, but I say unto thee I shall keep thee from all harm and I shall bring thy children unto thee, yea, I shall bring thy children unto thee and they shall be a reward toward thee; thou art blessed to have thy children and they are blessed to have thee; they shall not reject, nor turn away again, for they shall know and they shall hear, they shall see all the things that are coming upon this world that they have brought upon themselves, my humanity; they shall see these things, your children, and they will know that all that you have told them for years and years has been the truth, yea, you have spoken the truth to them and they have heard the truth and it shall come up within them and they shall know and in that moment when they know they shall stretch forth their hand to thee and ye shall embrace them and they shall be rewarded for that gesture and ye shall be rewarded for thy gesture and we shall build anew and fresh, thou and I, yea, we shall walk together in the gardens even as I walked with Adam, yea, and Eve in the evenings together and we talked together even so shall we for in that day when we walk together in the gardens of the heavenlies, yea, in that very land that thou lovest ye shall rise up and it shall be even as Eden when the ground shall bring forth its seed and every plant shall bring forth its fruit and they shall come, yea, one every month, every month, not just once a year, not just once a season but every month shall be a season and every tree shall bring forth its fruit continually, for to feed my children; oh, that day is upon ye, yea, it cometh quickly even as lightning out of the east, even unto the west so shall the coming of the Son of Man be and so shall that day be, when I shall be with thee forever, saith the Lord.  


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