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by Pamela Russell


September 4, 2007



Behold see, yea, see with that single eye see, see for did I not stay the fire at thy word have I not caused the rains to fall at thy word?  For I have heard thy voices and I had heeded thy prayers and I have the past even as the present and the present even as the future.  For there is no time no then and now for all things are in my hands and all things will proceed as I have seen them.  Plant and sew, water and gather all those whose need is great.  Feed them on me even as ye feed on me and they shall all be part of that great army of the Living God. And here, yea, here is the battle ground here is where I shall field my army here is where the enemy wants to attack now warriors now gird yourself with my armor and stand a ground about the land and let not down in thy praying for as they held up the arms of Moses to keep the sea from closing so ye must hold up one another in your prayer yea, they are coming for I have said it.  Yea, they are coming


Fight against your infirmities for these are not of me.  Ye have the tools at hand to fight off any enemy of my living church, which ye are rejoice and again I say rejoice Seek me and I shall be there always and forever

saith the Lord.



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