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by Pamela Russell


August 24, 2007



Open the Word and see what I have prepared for thee.  Your faithfulness hath brought you to this day.  See how I have filled the land with tents and people there! how if asked I brought them to you in time of need.  Will I not send to you many who will be the ones in need?  Remember, ye are able.  There is nothing now that will steal your peace for that peace I give unto thee is forever for it is my peace.  Every day, yea, day by day the winds of destruction flow up on the earth for until all is fulfilled there will be no peace upon the world the angels are in motion and the wheels are turning ye have been faithful to tell those who need to know the word has gone out to those who will hear and obey the word and who will believe they shall be saved and healed brought through the days to come. 


Fear not for your loved ones for are they not my loved ones?  Rejoice in your spirit and sing praises to the Most High who hath laid the foundation of the whole universe as well as this tiny planet of yours.  Can I not take care of you and of all that you have and all that is yours?  For all that is yours is mine for you have given it to me.


Love one another as I have loved you and given my life for you.  Fill your eyes with beauty and see only my reality and not yours, nor the ugly things on the earth.  Keep in that state of Grace and be not moved by the talk of man for he is a fool and only the Spirit shall lead you and that into all  truth, saith the Lord.



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