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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


June 26, 2007


          Do not worry what you should wear or what you should eat or where you should find it.  Look around thee, have I not said unto thee even the lilies of the field are clothed better than Solomon in all his glory?  I say unto thee thou art fed with angel’s food as thou art given living water to drink. Look ye unto me and not unto the world, for the world cannot offer thee anything but sorrow and pain and unhappiness.  The moments of joy that one attains to in this world, in this flesh, in this body are moments only to be counted on your hands and your feet.


 Know ye not that my love is eternal, and my joy is eternal and my mercy is everlasting and that all I have to give thee is forever and ever and ever and ever?  Indeed, it is age lasting, and age lasting and age lasting, not as the dew on the grass, not as the lilies of the field and not as the animals who are sweet in their nature and live just a short while. I say unto thee thou art eternal even as I.           


 I created thee.  Even before the foundations of the world thou wert with me. Yea, even with me, even then, yea, and we had such fellowship together. Stir up that hunger within thee that ye have to see me again, even as I have always in me, that we may be again together, yea one, ye in me and I in thee and, yea, in the Father so that we are one.  I hunger for that day and I look to thee to bring it, for ye are that catalyst are ye not that?  Ye are the catalyst that is bringing about that end.


 For indeed, these are the last days, the end time upon thy planet and I say unto thee that ye are the catalyst, ye are the ones chosen to be here in this end time in these last days, because ye hear my voice and ye shall work according to what I tell ye to do.


 If thou hast that inner ear, if thou hast that single eye, then ye shall truly be my leaders and my strength and my right arm upon this earth. I depend upon thee even as ye depend upon me. Keep thee strong in the word of the living God, look not for the living among the dead.  For out upon this earth are nothing but dead bodies seeking havoc and wreaking havoc.  They are just flesh and bone, nothing that can inherit.


  But I say unto thee thou art spirit and thou art life because I dwell in thee and ye have said unto me “Yes Lord, I will follow thee, yes Lord, I will go with thee.” Yes, thou hast said unto me and I have taken thee even at thy word for thy spirit was with me before and ye heard me and ye hungered after me even as I waited upon thee to come to this time, to this place, to this hour.  Look up, look up, look up for I say unto thee truly thy redemption draweth nigh, saith the Lord.



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