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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

May 26, 2007



Where, where, where, where, where are they?  Where are my priests?  Where are my warriors?  Where are my sons?  Why are they not on their knees, praying and seeking my face?  Why are they not between the throne and the altar?  Why are they not there weeping and gnashing their teeth for the destruction that is occurring upon their own planet; for the pain that they are inflicting upon one another; the destruction of the children?  Is Baal still alive?  Does he still seek the first-born and are they not being pushed willingly into his burning hands? 


How can ye not fall upon your knees and intercede at a time when there is such horror in your earth.  Know ye not that the Lord, your God, will not long suffer the horror that is being put upon the Earth.  For it has gone century, after century, after century and even my Son, whom I sent to thee, to give thee peace has suffered immeasurable horror to bring you out of the place that ye are in and still the world turns and destroys itself.  It turns upon itself.  Yes, it opens its mouth to devour itself. 


Your people are sick and your people will not be healed.  They will not turn.  They will not say help me.  They will not look to me but, they look to one another and they look to the Earth to save them, and there is no one there to save them.   They have thrown me out and then they will look to me, but it will be too late.  For I will not answer them and I will not deliver them for they have turned against me.  Yea, they have turned against me and they have trod me under their feet. 


Oh, where are my warriors?  Where are my priests?  Where are my godly ones to fall upon their knees and pray between the porch and the altar and to call down from heaven the hosts that are there to serve them?  Yea, when, when, when will that day come?  When I come to earth will I find any who believe?  Will there be any who will believe?  For today there are few, very few. 


But still that remnant, yea, that remnant seed planted in the eternal heart.  That seed, yea, doth grow and it shall bring forth, not just thirty, not just sixty, but a hundred-fold.  That seed that was planted, yea, in the bosom of Abraham; Yea, that seed that was in the covenant that I made with him;  Yea, that seed shall grow and in these very last days at the horror upon the earth, that seed shall spring forth, oh yea. 


Pray, I say unto thee, pray and kneel before me and come between the porch and the altar and bring forth thy offerings.  Yea, offer up thy humility; offer up thy whole entire self for that is all that I require of thee, thy entire self.  That ye be selfless, and that I may grow up inside thee and ye may walk in new-ness of life even as a new creature, for surely that is why I made thee; that we may be one, that we may rejoice together, yea, and that ye may forget the horror that is coming upon the earth.  Look unto me and not unto one another.  Look unto me and not unto this world for this world has naught to offer unto thee, only that which I have to give unto thee. 


Oh my children, my children that day fast approaches and thou sayest: Oh, we know, we have heard, we have been told.  Be not as your fathers who said in the desert all things are the same even as they were for our fathers, where is the sign of his coming?  I say unto thee, the sign of His coming is in thee, yea, it is in thee and thy faith shall bring it forth, saith the Lord.


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