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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


March 23, 2007



Stir up the gifts that are within thee says the Lord.  Ye say that ye seek power, yea, ye say that ye seek power and ye seek the double portion and I say unto thee, stir up those gifts that are already within thee that thou hast received.  Thou hast received them already and I say unto thee, I say unto thee stir them up they are already within thee. 


Ye seek this power and yet you do not believe that ye have it.  But I say unto thee, once I have given unto thee a gift I do not return it, neither do I take it from thee.  But I say unto thee, thou hast been blessed mightily, all of thee.  There is not one, nay not one who has not received of me.  For in your hearts you have asked of me that I give thee certain gifts and yet ye do not believe that you have these gifts.  Ye still think as a man thinketh and I say unto thee thou art my children. Yea, thou art my sons and ye have the gifts that I have given unto thee, many, many gifts and yet you do not believe that ye have these gifts.  But I say unto thee, stir them up, stir them up, oh yes, stir them up! 


Thou must know how to use these gifts that I have given thee.  Ye spend so much time thinking of yourselves and thinking for yourselves and thinking about yourselves about what ye have and what ye have not and I say unto thee think about me and think about what I have given thee and think about what I can perform through thee.  For have I not healed many through thee, surely I have and yet ye think it is not a miracle that these healings have taken place but I say unto thee the gift is also one of miracles. 


Know ye not that when something goes contrary to the natural way that it is a miracle and when there is a healing, it is opposed to the natural way in the course of some disease, but I say unto thee I can stop the flow of any disease. I can stop the flow of death. I can stop the flow of anything that interrupts my spirit within thee and I say unto thee stir up that which I have given thee and be free to exercise that spirit that is within thee and take thy self out of thyself and put me in charge of thy innermost being. 


Yes I say unto thee, put me in charge for surely I am thy creator and I have made thee and I am not a man that I would lie unto thee.  For I was He who was dead and am alive forevermore.  Yea, I do walk within thee and I do live within thee and I would have thee walk as those who are alive from the dead for surely thou hast been dead with me and thou has been risen with me.  Only believe to see the Glory of God for that glory is manifest in thee when thou dost manifest the gifts that I have given unto thee. 


Thou should not be afraid to step forth.  Oh why do you think of one another instead of thinking of me, why do you fear what man will say when it is God who has given the gift.  Yea, it is God who worketh the miracles.  It is God who does the healing.  Thou art an instrument in my hand, yea, and are thou willing to be that instrument in my hand?  Art thou willing to be even my right hand upon the earth?  Art thou willing to act upon those things that I give thee to act upon?  Think ye not that thou art limited by thy flesh for thy flesh is indeed a hindrance, but ye must put down the flesh that the spirit may take the supreme place for that Holy Spirit that is within thee has created even the heavens and the earth know ye not.


I am with thee.  Yea, I am with thee always and it rejoiceth my heart when thou comest together to pray yea and to praise.  I am warmed by thy heart yes, that is turned towards me. Hallelujah and I shall warm thee in thy innermost being and keep thee from any harm and I shall put thee where I shall put thee and I shall take thee where I shall take thee and ye shall be blessed.  I say unto thee yea thou shalt be blessed.  Only perform that which I have given thee to perform and fear not man.  For what is man?  He is nothing.  He is here today and gone tomorrow.  But that spirit that I have put in thee is eternal and does last always and I shall last always in thee and thou in me, saith the Lord.


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