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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

March 7, 2007


Can ye hear from the mountain tops the sound of the hoof beats, yea, a mighty army strong in battle array, yea, upon the mountain tops, in and out of the windows, through the streets, my mighty army runs to and fro, yea, and each one is supplied with a sword, yea, and each sword is filled with light and my solders swing their swords. So does it swing with the light of knowledge of the Lord, yea, and each one struck with the sword is renewed within with the knowledge of the living God.


For behold I sent ye forth as my solders, yea, even armed with the knowledge of the living God and ye shall also be supplied with a sword. A sword of light that speaks the words of the living God that anoints all those who are thrust through with the sword. Know ye not that my sword is sharper than a two edged sword, yea, and it cuts both ways to reveal the truth, for that truth is in thee and it shall be revealed to those to whom ye speak, yea, even as the mouth of God is a living sword which speaks truth and truth only. And what is truth, yea, I am truth am I not?  Have I not said unto thee that I am the truth and the life.  How can thou speak  life or truth anywhere but in me?  How can thou walk in anyway that is not my way?  For that is where truth dwells and that is where I dwell.


 I have directed thy paths even to bring you into this place. And I have directed thy path that ye be more anointed; that ye were here first to prepare the place.  Know ye not that this place is an anointed place, that it is a sanctuary, that it is set aside that I have provided it for those who come seeking me?  Yea, some come to flee from the world and some come to seek me, but each one who comes shall feel that place within; that touch of the Holy Spirit and they shall seek me and they shall heal, and shall prophecy, and they shall speak my word for this is an anointed place and ye are my servants, and ye are my sons, and ye will do that which I give unto thee to do. And ye will prepare the land and it shall be easy. For I shall give into thee many hands to do the work and ye shall hold up the workers with thy prayers and shall perform that which I give thee to perform.


 Ye shall feed both physically and spiritually and many shall be healed and many shall rise again who thought they were finished.  I say unto thee fear not that which attacketh thee for thou has dominion. And I say unto thee stand thee fast upon my word and come against these things that attack thee, for the power is in thee. It has dominion and the evil one has no power and hath no dominion and is trying only to sneak in under the tent.  But I say unto thee I have covered thee with the Shakina Glory of the living God and there is nothing that can strike thee that ye can not dismiss, for that which striketh thee is only that which comes though the flesh. And I say unto thee come into me, come unto me and when I say unto thee, “on they knees”, drop on thy knees, and when I say unto thee, “come up, come up”, when I say unto thee arise, arise and praise and sing Glory and rejoice and clap thy hands and lift thy voices for ye are the foundation of that building I am making on this place, saith the Lord.


 Ye must be strong even as a block of  marble at the four corners of the property and ye must be strong in the spirit and ye must be strong in the faith and ye must be strong in trust and ye must be strong in obedience unto the word of the living God.  Look not unto yourselves and look not unto one another nor look not unto anything that ye hear, for know ye not that the enemy is the prince of the power of the air and that which ye hear through the airwaves is always tinted by him, but I am the living God and I speak only truth unto thee and if ye will listen only unto me, then ye shall hear only truth and ye shall rise up and be blessed O mightily in that day, saith the Lord.


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