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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

February 28, 2007


          Not everyone saw that light, angels setting the protection around you.  The snow is a cushion against the hard times to come; the ground must be ready for the harvest for the days that follow, so I give you water for your garden.  This extra snow, to seep into the ground, to give nutrients, so that what you plant may come to fruition, for these are practical things and my

children must be practical.  Watch that you waste not of all the things I give you, for waste is a sin when there are so many that have nothing. There will be so many more than you can anticipate; many hands make light of the work that is in front of them when they love one another.


Put behind you all of the natural feelings that ye have that are not of me and learn to love one another, not with thy affection but with that love that I have for thee.  That is what you must do; love one another with a love that surpasses human endeavor and human love.  Put yourselves last and the others first: the needy that know not that they are needy.  For in times of troubles and fearsome happenings the need is greater that regularly.  Open thy heart and open thy arms and receive unto yourselves all those in need; they will not be yours or mine but ours.  For I am the center, I am even the hub and all the spokes run unto me that from the spokes run the strength that causes the wheel to turn, steady and strong.  Continue to be faithful in your endeavor for I am thy strength and I shall uphold you in all that I have for thee to do. The work will be great but thy reward shall be greater, saith the Lord. 


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