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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

February 14, 2007


          Shout, yea, shout your praises unto the heavens, for the hosts of Angels are shouting –come—yea, come even come quickly.  As the ocean waves upon the shore pound without ceasing so shall your praises be unto the Most High. Yea, I come –yea, not as the waves beating on the rocks to make sand –for I see all things even into your hearts and ye say, “hasten the day”.  Lo, look upon the mountains, are they not sand upon the sea shore? For yesterday they were stone and today they are sand.  I speak of time again, ye must forget time. Know ye not that I hear you’re prayers?  I hear your calls for healing and I say yes—yes—ye are healed.  Ye were healed over two thousand years ago when I said,  “It is finished”. Only now do ye live through that time, and your hearts burst for one another even as mine did for you all.


 Come to that place where ye are at peace with all that I have given thee, all your children, all your many blessings. Has a storm destroyed your house?  Has a thief absconded with all thy worldly goods?  Are ye at deaths door even as some pounding to go?  Sing a song of praise in your heart and shout the victory over THIS life, for the DAY OF THE LORD is a day of darkness, of gloominess, not light and laughter. Hasten the day?


So for today put aside your time and your tomorrows and learn to laugh again for I love thee even as a father lovest his son.  Pray without ceasing and give unto the hungry, for the need is very great.  Laugh with one another and love one another and rejoice in my presence, saith the Lord.


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