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by Pamela Russell

 January 24, 2007


Yea, weep and howl ye rich men for your gold has turned to dross—your silver will buy nothing and your tears shall find no one to care—for the world has grown cold and life has no meaning to them who have been trodden under your feet.  Seek me and find comfort –seek me not and perish alone.  What have my children done with the time I have given them?  Have they filled each waking moment with thoughts of me or are they wandering in a haze of worldly thoughts?  This world is like a magnet that draws your thoughts away from me. How shall I reach thee unless ye look for me?


Ye know not how very short the time really is. The whole world is groaning under each days pressure—plotting and planning and scheming how to best his brother all the while not knowing that his day is done.  Remember the man who stored up all that grain and had to build more places to contain it?  He should have shared it with his neighbors shouldn’t he?  Instead his life was forfeited and he lost it all.


Why do ye cling to this world when all heaven awaits thee?  Have I not given thee all that ye require?  That day is closer than even ye think—Look for the signs in the ground , in the air, in the weather, in the animals. All of these things have I given thee for a sign.  Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh, saith the Lord. 


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