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by Pamela Russell

January 13, 20007


Oh , my children, when can I call you my sons?  For ye are still filled with the cares of this world and with one another.  How often must I say to thee, “What is that to thee, follow thou me?” For your brother is to be kept in love, yea, not in condemnation for there ye could be also.  Have I not singled thee out from among many to be a light unto them that walk in darkness?  Do not fall prey to the flesh for it is a stumbling block unto your Spirit life and that life is the only life for thee.


Speak kindly one to another and if thou canst not, then hold they peace.  For every word ye speak is recorded in the book and therein are ye judged.  But true repentance and forgiveness can wipe away many an unwanted word and free thee from thy self.


The days are far gone and the time is short for thee to still be learning this lesson.  We stand on the brink, thou and I and ye are my army, my battle axe.   I need all of your attention for I would speak many things unto thee if thou would come out of the world and hear me, saith the Lord.


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