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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

December 31, 2006


Hearken unto the words of the Lord thy God—for I stand before thee yea, and I stand within thee! Ye come unto me with thy prayers and supplications as children unto their father when they are hurt and in need. Now therefore am I not your father? Would I give you a stone for bread when ye are hungry?  No, neither will I turn away from your requests for from this day forward they shall heal, yea, they shall hear and see and walk and live, saith the Lord.


Behold am I not the light that lighteth ever man? Ye are my lamp stands where in I have placed that eternal flame.  Ye are sometimes encumbered and feel that I am afar off.  I say stop!  Yea, look within and see and feel that flame within thee.  Let it shine unto all the world around thee for the darkness is very great.  Speak the words that I give unto thee—pray the prayer that I give unto thee and believe and ye shall have it.  Be not encumbered by the flesh which is here today and gone tomorrow for ye have eternal life springing up in thy inner most being even as ye live.  For I live in thee and thou in me—only believe, yea, only believe and ye shall see the Glory of God, saith the Lord.


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