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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

December l, 2006


          Think ye not in a frame like a picture—for there are ye limited by the very frame ye are putting around the word that I speak unto thee, for ye miss so much when ye do not see larger, yea, larger than life. For am I not larger than that life I lived upon the earth?  So many limit me to that life and there by cannot see the whole of my life—for am I not the living God?  How can ye put a frame around me?


Time is the frame, but ye who are in me and I in thee, live not in time but in truth. Therefore reject time for it is an enemy unto my people who are always waiting, waiting.  Have ye forgotten that it is always “now” with me-- for time is only a tool in the hand of man—not to God.


When I say unto thee, “that day is upon thee”  ye must believe, for without

faith nothing could ever come to pass. Look only onto me and not unto tomorrow-- for it is always now, saith the Lord.



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