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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


September 29, 2006


Thus saith the Lord on high, yea, He who sitteth on the edge of the earth and seeth all the works of thy hands. Yea, Israel thy hands are spoiled, yea, spoiled with the blood of thy children and your judgment is upon thee.


Did I not say unto thy father David, I shall give thee a new land, yea, even thine own land, that no man shall take from thee nor cause thee to flee from.  I shall call thee by My Name and give thee the fruit of the land, yea, a land that flows with milk and honey, with gold and silver, with fruit and flowers. Yea, a garden like unto Eden have I given unto thee and now ye have been overcome, yea, I say overcome.  For the stranger hath taken thine inheritance. He hath not stormed thy gates not hath he shed thy blood, but ye have opened thine arms, for ye say they shall work for me, yea, they shall till the ground and they shall clean the house and they may worship their own gods for we are protected from all evil. 


Fools! -  For only a fool would say in his heart, “there is no God.”  Yet ye have taught your children to say thus. Ye have left them naked in the roadways for the stranger to raise.  Ye have run dry of all thy loyalty and self respect.  Oh, foolish man why hath ye turned upon the Living God?  Yea, He who begot thee and cared for thee & given thee all the good things of the land, yea, even my land that I prepared for thee.


Look long at the green fields for they shall be no more. Eat hearty of the fruit of thy land for it shall be no more and all that ye have been given shall be taken away, for ye have forsaken your first love and left the house of your fathers. You have called upon me to hasten the day, yet ye know not what I have to bring upon thee. Pray without ceasing for that day is upon thee saith the Lord, yea, the green tree shall turn brown and the fruit shall fall untimely from its limbs and the fish shall sicken & die and the animals return to their natural home. Ye shall be desolate, oh ye land of plenty, yea, even desolate,  for ye have forsaken your God, and he shall forsake thee.


But I say unto thee, my holy ones, my precious ones, my faithful, I shall be with thee and I shall feed thee and shall protect thee and I shall make thy life to shine. Ye have not left me therefore I shall not leave thee, saith the Lord.



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