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Word of prophecy

by Pamela Russell

August 12, 2006


          Thus saith the Lord on High, yea, even the mighty God who made both the heavens and the earth. I have stood upon the high mountains and watched the men of this world come against one another like children on a playground.  They came once with clubs and stones, then spears and arrows, then with burning oil and cannon, made with all the things I have put upon the earth for man’s enrichment. Now he has made fire obsolete and turned to the very substance of his being to destroy himself—the atom.


All the while each in his own way and after his own god hath said, ”God is on our side”—oh foolish man—how deceived thou art. What of my people, where are they? Are they still blind following after the teaching of man and not after my word? Can ye not find the end thereof also? Am I not God? Know I not the end even from the beginning? Have I not said unto thee search my word if ye would have knowledge—if ye would have wisdom search my word?


 Ye see now the leaves upon the fig tree and indeed summer is neigh—what more signs do ye want? That day is upon thee when all the world shall seek me and not find me, for they have cast me out and called upon false gods to sustain them—gods of wood and stone—gods of finance and sex.  How will these hold thee in that hour when I call your name—“come up—come up”?


Oh my people—stand not idle in this dark hour, but come forth and stand in the breach—call upon my name and I shall answer thee.  Seek me with thine

whole heart and I shall find thee, for ye are not lost only disillusioned.


Pray I say, again I say pray, and hold up those who can not stand—for having ears they can not hear and having eyes they see not.  But ye have been given a single eye that ye may see me—yea that ye may see Jesus who is the founder and creator of your faith. Blessed be the man who walketh not after his own council, but who heareth my word and doeth it, saith the Lord.  


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