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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


July 8, 2006


          Is this the day that ye shall come together in my name? Is this the

day when ye shall put aide your bickering and come as one to me—yea, to come even unto the very throne of the most high? 


Behold, I wait as one who waits for his children to return unto the bosom of their family—am I not your family, am I not your maker, yea, even your creator?  Did I not form thee in thy mother’s womb to come to this place at this time together.  When will ye love one another as ye say ye love me?  When will ye love your home and your country as I have loved your home and your country?  Your children run naked in the streets and kill one another for sport – ye have taken me away as a false god and left human idols in my place – ye have turned the father against the mother and the mother against the children and the children against everyone.  There is not peace in thy land nor can there be until ye have found me again--ye ask what can ye do?  I have told thee what to do –have I not?  My word has told thee and ye have read, but ye do not practice.


Have I not said unto thee, love your brother as yourself –do good to those who despitefully use thee -- pray without ceasing?  This is only the beginning of what I must have from thee if ye are to be in my army- yea the army of the Living God – ye must learn to obey – for to obey is better than sacrifice and I do not require your sacrifice but your obedience.


For the time is coming when ye must have ears to hear and eyes to see and ye must be in tune with me- and I with thee.  How dark the horizon is before thee--dark with the evil of this day –clouds of evil air and fear upon those who do not believe. But ye believe that I am He, yea I am He who siteth upon the high mountain of the earth and send my angels to watch over thee.  I have sent them, for ye are not strong and ye need to believe what my word tells thee.


Ye know what to do for I have told thee, my word is sufficient for thee, make it thy meat and drink. Ye seek healing yet ye will not obey my word--ye seek knowledge yet ye will not listen nor be still before me-- ye are so busy over many things.  I have asked thee to be still and know that I am God-- can ye not wait for me for even an hour?  I tell you ye shall wait upon me-- and ye shall be fed,  Saith the Lord.


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