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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

June 11, 2006


          Yea, the time is short! And all whom I have called are running, yea running toward the Christ child who is at the head of all.  See the days are shorter and the will of man is longer and meaner and seeks only to destroy all the beauty that I have given to the earth.  But be not discouraged for I am He who stands on the four corners of the earth and searches the heart of man, and I see the good and the evil, and I have seen ye choose the good.  Prepare your hearts as well as your bodies to face these coming days, for ye  shall see many hard things that ye will not understand.  But with it all ye shall see great and mighty works.  Ye shall heal and ye shall bless and ye shall comfort and ye shall preach my word unto them all, for they are coming.  Ye must be ready in spirit and in body and in bed and board.   Store up for the day when there is nothing and prepare your spirit to receive my instructions.


I have not left thee to wander aimlessly, but I have caused you to depend on me and me alone. There will be no stores, no doctors, no money: there will be only me and ye must know my name is all that ye need to know.  For I am all in all and I am thy provider, I am thy store and thy doctor and I am all that ye need, saith the Lord.


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