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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

April 15, 2006


Hear now my children, hear now so many voices—yea, all at once. So many voices calling my name, calling in pain, calling for help, calling for every need, but listening never.  Where are the ears to hear and the hearts to listen—for it is with the heart that ye hear the Word of the living God. Yea, let your hearts open and hear my voice so then can I answer the calling and the crying.


All the world is crying even the very ground beneath thy feet. Be strong, be of good courage for am I not with thee?  I shall not let thee fall for my life is in thee and ye in me. Therefore be strong, walk not after the manner of man, but walk as I have walked among the hungry and thirsty of this world,  hungry for the meat of my Word and thirsty for the water of Life that only I can give.  It is within thee, yea welling up in your innermost being. That is what ye must give to one another, not your thoughts but my thoughts, not your words, but my words, not your life but my life, that I live within you.  Count not upon your flesh for it is of no value—it cannot inherit—only that Spirit that is alive in thee.  Feed that Spirit that it may grow and mature and bring forth much fruit that ye may feed those who hunger and thirst.


They are coming, the hungry ones, they are coming with hands held out and mouths open, be therefore prepared for that day. Cease from strife among yourselves and seek peace, not as the world gives, but my peace which is sweet to the taste and sweet in the belly and fills the empty place. Look unto me for all thy needs and hasten to the well of living water and water all the camels until they are done drinking and ye shall never run dry nor be in need for I am the living water and the bread of life and I shall never leave thee, nor forsake thee, saith the Lord.


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