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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


January 26, 2006



The word of the Lord came to me saying—walk among the people and hear their cries.  For there are many who are without hope in this world, yet there is hope all around them but they will not see ME—am I not the hope of the world?  But they do not hear my voice nor know my name, but to curse. They are desolate and without shame.  They have been seared in their conscience—they know not that the end is near, yea, even at the door.

They live from day to day always waiting for tomorrow, but for many tomorrow will not come.


I am the Lord thy God and I know all thy tomorrows. Think ye upon me and not tomorrow for ye are sent here to be my light – that those that walk in darkness will find my light in thee.  Shine forth in those dark places.

Be that which I have created thee to be.


Ye are my right hand made manifest upon the earth.  The battle is at hand and ye must be armed. Where is thy sword?  Where is thy shield? Where is

thy helmet?  Give to them that have not and clothe them in my armor even as ye are clothed. Ye have been set apart and have not seen the world as I have seen it.  See it now and ye will know my will for thee. Pray without ceasing for the time is short and there is much to be done.  Fill your hearts and minds with my word that we may speak as one.  For that day draweth nigh when the world shall cry out for salvation. Be that place of sanctuary for those who are seeking with their whole heart. Come unto me and I will give thee rest.  I have said it and it is so, saith the Lord.



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