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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

December 14, 2005


Let the tears fall and let them wash away thy sorrow for I am not a fearful God neither will I cause thee pain, for my love for thee is greater then thy life or the lives of thy loved ones.  Yea, have ye not given unto me all that thou hast?  For what hast thou that has not been given thee. Turn thy tears unto praise for therein is the life of thy very being.  Praise and thanksgiving are thy meat and drink – the substance of thy being.  Thou hast been blessed and thou hast been deprived, and ye know both for they are not strangers unto thee. Therefore know this that when ye are deprived ye are also blessed, yea, and that exceedingly. 


Hold fast upon the alter of the Most High for when the earth shall tremble beneath and the water shall cover the land then know thee that I have loosed it from its bounds. For neither land nor water can move lest I say unto them “go”.  Therefore be not in fear or surprise when ye hear of these things for I have all in my hands and all that ye have given unto me are mine indeed.  Rejoice and again I say rejoice – the time is at hand, saith the Lord.      



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