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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


November 21, 2005


Hear me now oh ye Children of the Most High.  For there is great darkness abroad in the land—yea, a darkness born of ignorance and sloth—for my people have not stood in the gap and held up the Cross of Life to fend off the powers of darkness that seek to engulf the minds and hearts and spirits of my young ones.


It is a time of lies and of much pain for those who have bowed the knee to my enemy—yea, there are many in need of all your prayers.   I say, yea, pray without ceasing for those in that great darkness that they may see the light. For I am that light and I do light every man, but the deception of the great deceiver is even as a blanket that covers their eyes that they cannot see

nor hear my word.


For when they are told my word they shrink back and turn away for now they fear God more than the king of Hell. His army is very great, be not deceived—he is real and ye must come against him with all the power that I have entrusted thee with. Yea, even the power of my resurrection—ye have  my authority yea, even the authority of the Most High.


Stand tall and be in prayer and be in my Spirit for that is the place of Safety, Yea that is the only place that ye can be free from all of his wiles.  I say unto my own, yea, ye hear my voice and ye follow only that voice for I love thee. Ye are even as my heart.  Many dark days are ahead yet ye shall not be in darkness for ye are the children of light and I am with thee always, again I say pray that ye may lead those in darkness into the light saith the Lord.   



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