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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

June 17, 2005


Praise and pray and seek me for that day is upon thee, yea, that day of which I have spoken unto thee.  Gather yourselves together and come before my throne that I may hear thy prayers and supplications and I shall answer thee and that swiftly.  Can ye not see the days are shorter and the things that I have told thee of, are they not upon thee, yea, verily at the door?  Be not afraid for if I can bring about the coming catastrophes can I not also protect and save thee out of them as I have promised thee?


This is indeed the day in which I answer thy prayers even swiftly for my word is my life and my life is the light of the world for have I not created all things and are not all of the elements in my hands and when I call upon the waters do they not come, and when I speak unto the mountains do they not move? - even as the fires of earth, do they not spew out upon the land that hath forsaken me?


Choose ye this day whom ye shall serve and then serve with all thy might, for I require nothing less then all that thou hast to give even thy life. For am I not that life within thee?  Are we not one? Cry out for those who cannot cry out to me—for their lips are sealed in sin and they cannot reach me.  But ye have the keys of heaven and hell and ye must intercede for surely Satan is roaring throughout the world seeking to devour my children, my wife and my bride.


Fear not for I am with thee now and forever, saith the Lord.


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