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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


May 30 2005


Thus saith the Lord of Hosts who sitteth in the Heavenlies and guideth the earth and all who dwell therein; who hath lived even as ye have lived and died even as all men die and yet doth He not live even as ye shall live?  Behold are not all things in His hands?  Yea, there is not a leaf to fall nor a man to die nor a child to cry that He hath not felt that leaf fall and that man return unto Him or quench the tears of that child.


The days before thee will not be quiet nor still as a soft summer evening for the earth is indeed in turmoil and the fields and meadows and mountains are in pain to stretch and exert themselves for their time has come and who shall prevent it?  Yea, am I not gathering my children under my wings?  Am I not gathering them together even as I have spread them apart? Be thou faithful unto me even as I am faithful unto thee.  Go where I send thee and come when I call thee. I have fed thee and thou art full; therefore give of what I have given thee and I shall be faithful unto thee.


Fear not, for are not all things of me; am I not in thee and thou in me and are we not one?  Walk in the light of that knowledge that I have given thee and ye shall not stumble nor ever be in darkness for I am the light that lighteth thy path.  I give thee the words that ye may speak the truth unto the people.  I have opened the door to all that ye have wanted in my name and ye shall see these great and mighty works that ye have longed to see.  Ye think I have passed thee by, but behold, I am with thee now and forever, saith the Lord.


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