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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


February 13, 2005


The word of the Lord came to me saying, Son of Man, look not unto the east nor the west for there is no rest in either east or west but only in the Word of the Living God.  Come to my table every day and feast upon my Word for it is meat and drink unto thee, and thou must be fed with my food even as your body must be fed with the natural food that ye may grow strong.


Yea, ye must be strong in my Word for that day is upon thee when ye shall be called upon to answer and ye must be ready in your spirit---ye must work your spiritual muscles even as your physical muscles.  For the body of the Lord is getting ready to go forth into battle in that GREAT AND TERRIBLE DAY OF THE LORD.


All that is about thee is readying itself for that day---for it cometh as lightening out of a clear sky and all shall see and wonder.  That day is before thee.  What have ye to bring to it?  Doth thou know the way to the sanctuary I have prepared for thee?  Can ye speak my words as I have given them unto thee?  Be ye bold, for I have not rushed thee nor spoken unto thee words ye cannot understand.


I am He, yea, who was dead and am alive forever more and ye are mine as I am thine.  Seek me and my Word – Know me and my Word for we are one and we are alive in thee.  That time cometh when ye shall hear my voice calling unto thee—COME FORTH! COME FORTH! Will ye be listening?  Will ye hear?  Shall ye come?  Now is that time for ye to choose---this life or mine, saith the Lord.  For my burden is light for I have born it and my way is straight---for I have walked it, and your life is mine for I would live it, saith the Lord



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