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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


January 28, 2005


Hear me now, saith the Lord.  Do I not hold all things in the palm of my hand?  Is not the earth my footstool?  Yea, all things are mine and all who dwell therein are mine.  Am I not able to run ahead and see what is before thee? Therefore I say unto thee---Come closer, yea, come closer to me. There is rejoicing in heaven at the sound of your praise--- Praise can move mountains of obstacles. Ye need not beg as a blind man nor whine as a little child.  Ye have been given the gift of sight that ye can see all that my Word saith unto thee. Ye are not longer babes but ye have grown and eaten of the meat of the Word and it has given you strength.  Seek my face, look unto me and not unto the world for what hath the world to give thee? 


All that I have I have given unto thee even as the Father hath given unto me.  It is for you to take and stand upon.  Reach out in prayer.  Come to me in prayer, in conversation, in your waking and in your sleeping.  Listen for my voice for I shall speak unto thee for I know thy wants and I know thy needs.  Am I a God afar off or am I not within thee?  The days are indeed short and shall be even shorter for the very earth is groaning as a woman in travail awaiting the day of days---Look for me and ye shall see me, saith this Lord. 


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