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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

July 7, 2004


Rest in me, yea, feast in me, rejoice in me—for the hour cometh and now is that ye shall seek rest and not find it.  Yea, ye shall seek a feast and find none.  Yea, and seek to hear the voice of joy and hear naught but silence.


The days drop past one another as leaves from a calendar and still they are not yet complete; still they are not complete. Ye are my time keepers, yea, I have set my clock in thee and as ye grow stronger in me with your prayers and seeking of my face—then do the seconds and minutes and hours and days move faster for it is your lives that are in time, while I AM time—not before or during or after—but always.


The closer ye come to me and to fulfilling that which I have planed for thee the faster that time will go and we shall see the fullness of it all together. I long to hold thee even as ye long for that day --even so do I.  Ye shall see fearsome things, yet ye shall not fear, and ye shall hear of horrors, yet ye shall not be afraid for I am with thee and within thee.


See how I am gathering my loved ones together. Ye need not be concerned about this one or that one—I have them firmly in my hands and I am bringing them one by one together—even as of old. But now ye are wiser and can listen with a patient heart to the words I pour into your innermost being.


Come—let us rejoice together.  Let us be one even as my father and I are one that we may see the heavens together and all the hosts thereof gathered in praises unto the Most High.  Yea, the heavens are your inheritance even as the earth and in that day they shall be as one—and there shall be no more weeping and no more fear and no more hunger, but ye shall see me as I am, saith the Lord.


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