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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


October, l8, 2003


Oh My people, My little ones, yea, where is thy strength and where is thy faith and wherein is thy love?  Have I not awakened thee from thy slumber that hath lasted lo these many centuries.


Arise, yea, I say arise and do the will of thy Father who hath given thee thy voice, yea and the very words to speak unto them that are in power for I have given unto thee the same power and words and love that I gave unto the Apostles of Old, and I would have ye proclaim the name of Jesus from every house top.  Write it and send it unto those in civil power for they are blind and cannot see me, but I shall be revealed by thy word.


Fear not that ye think ye are not capable, for are not the words mine?

Is not the power mine? Ye are my servants, yea, even my sons to perform what the Father hath to say unto the masses.


That day is upon them even as I have told thee and I would have thee sharp, yea, even as a two edged sword. With my words on your lips and in your hands proclaim the day, yea, even the DAY OF THE LORD.


Behold am I not moving upon the earth:  Can ye not see and feel my presence in the world?  The battle is begun, even the last great battle between GOOD and EVIL, yea, between GOD and MAN. Yea, between those who are mine and those who would follow Satan.


Now, gird up your loins like true soldiers of the cross of Christ and partake with me of the fullness of the Glory of the heavenlies.  For in that is the strength and the power to perform what I have asked of thee.


Be of good faith and fear not, for behold it is I, saith the Lord.


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