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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


September 3, 2003


Behold, have I not called you forth, yea, my warriors?  Have I not said unto thee, ye are my warriors, yea, the army of the living God?  Is this not that day?  Fall upon your knees and present yourselves before the altar of the Most High.  Bring your sacrifices to me, yea, and put them even upon my altar and shall I not send fire, yea, only fire even emanating from the throne on high.  Shall I not send this fire to consume them?  For this time and this battle are in the very midst of thee, yea, within thee, and when ye can see me, and not the world of man, then shall ye know that thy sacrifice has been accepted, yea, look within and search your heart and see me with thy inner eye, for I am there to keep thee.


These are troubled times you say, but I say, if ye are in me, ye are not in troubled times for the cares of this world have no dominion over thee.  Cast them aside.  Look only unto me, and not unto man, for his ways are not my ways.  I say unto thee, I am before thee and I shall not look upon the sin of this world nor upon the idols man has made to bring him to destruction.  Indeed the days are dark and foreboding and many there are who shall not see the way for the darkness.


On your knees and weep between the porch and the altar that I may hear your cry and see your tears, and come with a blessing.  Yea, turn from the things of this world and look only unto me.  For I am He, yea, Who was dead, and am alive forevermore.


I am a jealous God.  I will not have other gods before me.  My people have worshipped idols and have turned from the Living God.  Therefore, I will bring them into JUDGMENT.  I will bring your land into JUDGMENT as I did before when I drew the line in the sand for Moses, and asked those who were for me to stand on one side, and those who were against me to stand on the other.  And did I not open the earth and swallow them who were against me.  For I will not have you to worship other gods, and I shall do it again, Saith he Lord.


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