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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

   August 14, 2003


How beautiful in the Heavens and among the angels is the sound of praise coming from my children.  I have heard your prayers, yea, I have heard and I am in the midst, yea, I am there to bless.  For even as the days grow darker, even so shall ye grow lighter.  For the light of the world is in thee and leads thee through the dark days.  For the world is truly in turmoil, but ye are not.  Keep your eyes upon me and not on the things of this world for ye have nothing in this world that can sustain thee as I sustain thee.  But fear not. I know that ye have needs in the world.   I know ye must have houses and bread and clothes.  Have I not given them unto thee?  Do I not know that ye must be in health to accomplish all that I have in store for thee?


Stand tall, yea, and walk in my word.  Keep my face before thee and I am there to fulfill all that ye have asked of me.  Yea, know ye not that it is your Fatherís good pleasure to give thee all that ye have asked?  Ye are treasures unto me. Pray without ceasing and stay in my presence and I shall be with you always, even as I am with you now.  I shall never leave thee nor forsake thee, saith the Lord.



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