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by Pamela Russell

May 2002


Look ye to the trees and see the new leaves. When ye see these things ye know that summer is nigh. –Even so when ye see men playing at destruction without wisdom or knowledge then know ye also that the “DAY OF THE LORD” is upon thee, yea weep, yea I say unto thee weep for the children and the women who have no one, who have lost all—yea, even their lives.


  Think ye not that ye are safe and protected for ye have turned your back upon your first love and gone a whoring after the flesh.  Oh my people – is it too late for ye to turn and see your salvation?  Have I called thee in vain?


 Know ye not that I shall not long tolerate this condition for the days are numbered, yea, even ye can count them, yea, for they are few.  Come now, saith the Lord, come unto the altar of God and bring your offerings. Bring your fears and your longings and your broken bodies and leave them on the altar and then ye must don thine amour and go forth to battle.


Oh my children –even as ye see the clouds heavy with rain and ye know that it is nigh—even at the door.  Therefore, be ye ready to receive of me— even the double portion that I have promised thee.  So shall my spirit fall upon ye and thy children and ye shall hear from heaven and rejoice, saith the Lord.


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