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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

July l4, 2001


Harken ye now, Children of the Most High. Why stand ye idle when the day is upon thee. Have ye not heard the sound of thunder in the mountains of the earth?  Have ye not watched the fire that springs forth even from the oceans floor about thee?  Can ye not perceive the day?  Yea, for the Son of Man cometh riding upon a White Horse with all the host of Heaven at his heels.  Rise up. Rise up, oh ye Army of the Living God.  Sit not silent at thy bread or murmur among thy selves for this day is no more at sundown and will never be again.  But what hast thou done this day to hasten my coming? Have ye listened?  Have ye heard the still small voice within thee or are the cares of this world working against thee that ye are filled with fear?


I have said unto thee, “Fear not for I am with thee.” Now and always ye are safe in the bosom of the Most High. Therefore, what can this poor world offer unto thee that ye should cling to it with such desperation?  Know ye not that I have given thee life?  That I have given, yea, even my Life for thine that ye may sit with me in heavenly places?  Awake oh ye wayward generation and stamp out all fear and trembling for I am God and none other, and that day is upon thee when  I shall require of thee that talent that I have given unto thee.  All that ye have learned of me where have ye spent it?  Where is the return?  Be not ashamed of my word for there and there alone is life and that eternal.  Follow on now.  Yea, seek me with all that ye are and we shall dwell as one, saith the Lord.



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