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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

December 27, 2000


Yea, that day cometh and is even nigh thee when there shall be a great silence in the earth.  Yea, men shall call out unto the Most High and the doors of Heaven shall be closed against them, yea, the ears of the Most High shall be as stone for the inequity of man hath come up in my face and who shall tear down the barrier that man hath made in his frivolity?


Oh, children, yea, even my sons, my beloved ones; thou alone can see through that wall of darkness, yea, thou alone hath that key to the gate of paradise.  Am I not that Key?  Am I not that Gate?  Am I not He who has led thee out of darkness into the light of everlasting life?  Ye do well when ye seek my face for I alone can bring healing unto the nations.  Oh, children,    this is indeed the calm before the storm for are the clouds not already gathering in the North?  Yea. Are the clouds not gathering in the East?  Have the people forsaken their first love?


Bring yourselves to the alter and leave hour hearts and minds and wills as peace offering unto me that I may give thee new minds and new hearts and new wills that ye may be  most worthy soldiers in the battle to come.  Lift your voices in praises and fear not for is this not that day of which I have spoken?  Yea, saith the Lord   It is surely that day.  Fill your lamps and your vessels with that Holy Oil that ye may be ready when the cry comes.  For the time is short and the days are short and I am even at the door, saith the Lord.


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