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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

November 20, 2000



          Oh, how my heart aches for the children of disobedience, for their hearts are far from me. Where are my faithful ones?  They are standing in the gap, that place between the porch and the altar seeking my face and my will and my will is to believe, yea. only believe.  Ye know not the strength of faith. Can it not move mountains? Can it not topple governments?  Can it not raise the dead, yea, and more than that for that is nothing to the love of the Most High shed abroad in your hearts.  For know ye not that it is that great love that moves and empowers that faith within thee?


 Learn from the lessons that I put before thee. As I used the fig tree as a lesson even so now  I use this time as a lesson.  See where the worldly power comes from: see were the worldly concern is and see where there is no love nor faith in all that manage this world. All is vanity. Come out of her my children, and seek real power from above that ye might run and not stumble, that ye may live and not die. For all of this I have promised thee


Still there are those whose eye is on the world and not on me, and the day of their awakening shall be a great shock to them and they shall need your wisdom and power and grace.  Store up these things of the Spirit that in that day ye can spend freely to relieve the suffering of the disobedient who have said in their hearts “there is no God”.


Ye shall prevail for I am in thee and I have taken ye with me even into death therefore being dead in the flesh should not frighten thee for have I not also raised thee up in newness of life that ye may walk as one alive from the  dead?  How can this world hurt thee?  Ye are dead in me and alive in me and there is nothing in thee that can be taken from thee by the enemy for all that ye are and all that ye have is mine and I shall never let thee out of my hand, no, never.  For I am, yea, the Living God and because I live ye shall live also, saith the Lord.


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