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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

August 3, 2000


Hearken now, yea, and open thine ears that ye may hear what the Lord thy God has to say unto thee—for would I open the very heavens and show thee the fortress of angels that is prepared for war—yes, to do battle even for thee. But your eyes could not contain nor your ears receive that which would be revealed unto thee.  Ye are children of the earth and of the earth ye must receive until the day of thine anointing is fully come and ye have stepped into that resurrected body that is yours.  Then, yea, then ye shall see and ye shall hear all that the heavenlies shall proclaim to thee. But now I speak unto you as men, yea, even sons that ye may understand.  Prepare, prepare, prepare for that day is all but upon thee.  The battle is great and the time is shortened. Do ye think in preparation, I mean for ye to buy munitions  and weapons of war?  Stay thy hand, yea, lay not up weapons of destruction.  This is a spiritual battle, yea, store up the weapons that I have sent to thee. Cover yourselves with the armor of righteousness—be firm in thy faith and let not the world corrupt that which I have given thee.  What then are these weapons?


Faith               Believe that I am He.


Love               It shall conquer fear.


Miracles         Ye shall restore what the world hath taken.


Healing           Ye shall speak and they shall walk, and see, and dance, and       live.


Discerning     Ye shall know the enemy and the friend.


Joy                 Surely thine heart shall be overflowing.


Tongues        Ye shall speak and they shall know and ye also with understanding


Prophecy       Ye shall hear from me and get your instructions directly from the Most High.


Wisdom &     Ye shall know the truth and ye shall not be ashamed.



These are the weapons that I would have thee gather about thee.  They shall seal thy homes and thy families.  They shall restore all things unto me and preserve thee even in that day.


Therefore, set not thine eye upon the world and its corruption—but fix thine eye upon me that ye may see me and be like me—for great is that day and few there are who see it.  Look not unto leaders—for he who now leads shall be cast down in the end and he who shall lead—leadeth not, for there are others who would lead thee and him and that to destruction.


Keep thine eye stayed upon the Most High. Rejoice in my word, yea, feast upon it, live within it for therein is life and that eternal.


Hear me now, yea, with all that is within thee.  Obey my voice and the words that I give thee and ye shall see that day in triumph, saith the Lord.         


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