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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


May 28, 2000


Lift up your hands unto the Lord thy God who hath thee in the palm of His Hand.  Fear not nor tremble in the presence of thine enemy for I am He who is within thee and I am He who has smitten that enemy.  Yea, I have overcome and because I have overcome, ye shall also.  Be not ashamed of My name that ye may speak it with power and authority, that by my spirit ye shall see that day.  I have given many unto thee that ye may lead them unto the truth, that truth that I have given unto thee.  Am I not that truth?


There is no way that ye can speak of thyself  nor teach of thyself but only through My Spirit that dwells within.  Hear me now, saith the Lord, for the time is too short for thee to falter at the river for fear of getting thy feet wet.  Know ye not that ye shall walk upon the water?  Be not afraid of others feelings but be surely afraid of mine, for ye have been chosen to stand in the gap and hold up my banner and my banner is love.  That very love that raised Christ from the tomb.  Have I asked of thee too much?  Is it too hard to stand upon My Word?  Ye shall stand upon mountains and proclaim My Name before the world!  Ye shall shout My Name before the world and I shall hear thee and bless thee and hold thee in my arms and comfort thee as ye have never been comforted.  Faint not in these last hard days for I am with thee always, saith the Lord. 


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