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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

March 26, 2000


          Lift your voices in praise my children, yea, lift them even unto the heavens and let the gentle breeze of blessing flow over thee in return.  For I am He who loveth thee even unto the sacrifice upon the cross. Was I not , yea, even in the ram caught in the bushes that Abraham sacrificed in the stead of Isaac?  And are ye prepared to be Isaac place upon the alter?  This time it is not father Abraham but the flesh that hath bound thee.  Lose the flesh and ye lose the bonds and then will my sacrifice be a reality that ye never knew before.  When ye are willing to give all of yourself then ye shall gain thy life that is eternal for it is in me and I in thee as ye have never known.


In these days of calm ye call out in want of the “end times” even as ye see the waining snow and call out for the spring, that is the certainty of my coming.  Therefore ingest my word; fest upon it and digest it into thy inner most being.  For that day is near when ye shall not have it. Yea, even a famine for the word and ye must be my walking and living word with all the promises a reality and all the gifts in full manifestation and all the fruits ripe for the picking as food for those who are starving for my word.


Hold fast in these soft days and be not distracted by the world for it would devour thee, yea, even the elect if it could.  Keep thine eye sayed upon me for in me is life and that everlasting, saith the Lord.


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