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Word or Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

November 17, 1999


Thus saith the Most High who dwells upon the earth in the hearts of His faithful ones.  Yea, He dwells in the heavenly places and over all creation doth He rule.  For he hath brought thee back from oblivion with the price no man could pay, only he Himself, in the flesh, could give the blood price for all creation and restore thee unto Himself.  Hallelujah!


Remember and remember that when the days grow dark and there is no light in the land and fear rages in hearts of men that how much more doth His grace abound in thee, yea, and knowledge shall grow within my sons and so much more shall thy blessings be.  For every day of darkness shall be unto thee a day of great spiritual light and my own shall shine brighter than the day for ye are to receive much from on high.  Yea, my spirit shall pour out abundantly unto my faithful ones.  Therefore, fear not in those days of fear for unto thee they shall be days of enlightenment and unity in the spirit, yea, My Spirit.  Even that spirit that did overshadow Mary and conceived the son in the flesh, how much more shall be conceived in thy spirit I cannot say even unto thee. 


Continue always in praise and thanksgiving for ye have only touched the power that is in thy praises.  Ye know not, yet that day ye shall know and possess great power for ye shall possess all of me even as I possess thee in thy fullness.  In that day we shall be one in the spirit and thy flesh shall be consumed in my love for thee.  Pray without ceasing for the day is even upon thee, saith the Lord. 



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