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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

November 5, 1999


          Speak unto my children of the days of my glory among men, yea, of the days of the might and majesty of those who believed and followed after that calling.  Speak unto them of David and of  Samson; of my great prophets, of the work of my hands.  For I have called ye to follow me, yea, and if ye would follow then must ye believe.  For the power of the Most High dwells in the faith of my children. For ye cannot praise me without faith, neither can ye speak that which I give unto thee to speak.


Seek my Spirit that ye may be filled and being filled ye shall pour out unto those in need. I shall fill thee indeed in both basket and spirit and ye shall bless in both basket and spirit for there are some who shall not come thru in these days, but shall be taken unto my bosom.  For not all can stand. Many are weak but ye are strong for I am that strength that dwells within thee. Seek my face always and ye shall see me, saith the Lord.


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