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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


September 21, 1999


Hear me now, saith the Lord, yea, sharpen thy hearing.  There, in the distance, can ye not hear the sound of thunder afar off, faint in thy ear?  That is the sound of battle, yea a battle for the souls of my sons who must prevail against the enemy.  That thunder shall come nearer and it shall be louder as the battle grows closer until it shall explode even over thine house.  Prepare thyself, oh my sons, prepare for ye are in the forefront of the battle.  KNOW MY WORD!  That is your sword.  KNOW ME!  For that is your helmet and your breast-plate and your covering.  For I am the Truth and the Life, yea, even the very life that ye live.  Do I not live it within thee?  Am I not that very Comforter that was sent to thee that ye shall never be alone that I may be with thee always? 


Strengthen thy ways that ye walk in my ways and not in anotherís.  Hear me and not another.  For the words that I speak are life and peace and I speak them unto thy spirit that ye may hear and believe and grow into that full stature for the armor is not for babes but for full-grown sons of the Living God.  Leave off wrangling and seek my face, for in thy seeking ye shall find me and I shall be with thee always even unto the end, saith the Lord.



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