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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

July 20, 1999


Seek ye this day whom ye will serve for this is that day when I shall say unto you choose ye, yea, choose ye for if ye have not made that place clear before then, then can ye stumble and fall for there are many who fall on the way up the mountain. 


Speak truth unto one another in love for I am the truth and in thee shall the truth be manifest.  For high is the calling and straight is the path.  Therefore, turn ye not to the left nor to the right but stay on the straight path that leads to me.  Hearken not to all the voices that buss about thee for there are many that would pull you this way and that and fill thee with confusion.  But I am not the author of confusion thereby know that I am not in that thing. 


Seek me first in all thy doings.  In the small hours of the morning even unto the even-time seek me that we may talk together yea, and walk together, until we are one.  For that is thy destiny, that is thy goal, that is where you were before the foundation of the earth and where ye shall be again.


Have I not sent my angels to guard thee?  Have they not sung sweet songs unto thee in the night that ye should awake with joy in your heart?  Rejoice for that day is upon thee with all its darkness and fear and confusion.  But when ye are in me and I in thee there shall no darkness nor fear nor confusion come neigh thee.  Therefore rejoice when ye see these things begin to come about for know that I am even at the door, saith the Lord.



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