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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell


May 29, 1999


The word that came unto me from the Lord Most High saith:  Turn thy face unto the East again I say, yea, for once more there is great deception.  Look, yea, and look again yea, even unto the far East.  For with what great deception hast thou been deceived, oh my people.  For there cometh one from the East, yea, even unto the West saying, “What is thy concern?”  and “Wherefore art thou troubled?”  And he shall smile a smile of treachery, and yet shall he deceive many.  For my people sleep when they should be awake, and nod off to sleep when they should listen.  For they have heard it all

before, they say, and now they will not listen.


This is my cry:  “Where are my warriors, where is my army?”  Can ye not see the army of thine enemy, coming toward thee, to feed thee lies for truth and error for truth.  Am I not the truth?  Am I not He who loveth thee even unto death yea, even the death of the cross?  Am I not here to protect thee, yea, even to save thee out of this time that is upon thee?  For subtle is your enemy, and slick and slippery are his ways yet behold I AM, yea, I AM greater than any of thine enemies, and I shall bring thee out, yea, of thy bondage to the fools of this world, and raise thee up as ye have never been raised, and fill thee with my Spirit as I have never filled thee.  For the time is even upon thee, yea, I have said it and it shall be, saith the Lord.


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