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Word of Prophecy

by Pamela Russell

February 23, 1999




There are many voices that speak of disasters, yea, many voices speak unto the people who are afraid because they trust in this world and know me not as their Savior and their Friend and their Father and their Lord.  In all of these, I am there to comfort and to speak words of peace.  Yet, it is man who has the louder voice and many are they who follow in fear. 


If ye are mine and dwelling in my heart as I dwell in thine, then ye fear not.  For am I not greater than he that is in the world?  Have I not given my life for thee?  Did I not, yea, saith the Lord, did I not shed my blood that by that blood ye may walk upright fearing no man walk in health that ye may serve me the better, saith the Lord?  Yea, that ye may see me in all your hearts that the spirit may consume thy faults and wipe away thy sins. 


Look not unto the dark days but unto the Son.  Yea, for I am that light, yea, I am that light that ye may not walk in darkness and ignorance and fear for that is the playground of Satan.  That is where he dwells.  Never cease to be clothed in thine armor and be not deceived, saith the Lord, for there are many false voices that speak every day and the very air is full of them.  Therefore, keep your eye single and stayed upon me, saith the Lord, and I shall speak unto thine spirit that ye may hear and know that it is I, yea, even I that speaketh unto thee.  For my words are true and they condemn thee not. 

Rejoice in these last days for soon ye shall rest in me, saith the Lord. 


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